Our services, tailored to your needs

CupClub™ partners with catering companies, facilities management providers, retailers and brands to serve across in-house cafes, canteens, restaurants, coffee/tea points, self-serve stations and drinks vending machines within the service categories below.

Offices, headquarters & in-house cafes

Working with your facilities managers, catering companies and in-house teams, we service in-house cafes, canteens, restaurants, coffee/tea points, self-serve stations and vending machines.

We have two products: CupClub Lite and CupClub PoS (includes technology integration).

Pricing at 15p per drink (two year contract minimum) PoS setup and training is £2-10k for barista/staff managed cafes, canteens and restaurants.

Closed-loop campus & venues

CupClub is ideal for closed-loop venues and campus environments (including govt departments, universities and institutions), can work with multiple vendors and arrange multiple drop-off points on site.

We deliver and collect cups daily, track, wash and return based on the volume needed.

Pricing from £0.15 per serviced drink on a two year contract, with a three month on-ramp pilot (est £10-20k based on your needs) to refine communications and processes.


Airports are an emerging and exciting application. A 3-6 month pilot with your site(s) and vendors will ensure we create a cost-effective, zero waste-to-landfill solution. Examples include: custom RFID-triggered signage, communications plans and highly scalable volumes.

Pricing is based on your specific needs (est. £60-100K) with the end-service price target of £0.15 per serviced drink or less.


We send cups, drop-off points and communications for your festival or event. Please let us know your exact requirements (dates, volume, location/access).

Pricing starts from £3,000 for 3,000 serviced drinks.


We are developing city-wide solutions for roll out in 2019 and are looking for partners to engage in this programme. Contact cities@cupclub.com if interested.


We work with catering services, facilities management providers and client-landlords to help customers transition from single-use plastics to reusable cups and are looking for partners to help us reach the service categories above.