CupClub is looking for washing and logistics partners

7 Nov 2018

Why become a CupClub washing and logistics partner?

CupClub™is actively seeking washing and/or logistics partners with the vision and drive to help us achieve a single-use plastic free society. CupClub™ partners with national and international suppliers of washing and logistics to complete its service delivery. These trusted suppliers typically have an existing infrastructure in place to provide a daily service for washing and logistics.

CupClub™ is currently live across numerous London office and education environments and looking to scale across retail in 2019.

Partner Benefits

  • Daily recurring revenue based on pre-agreed service volumes
  • No additional set up or Capex costs required as part of service provided
  • Seamless integration into your existing operation
  • Ongoing training and support provided by the CupClub™ team
  • Media and PR exposure
  • Minimum 2 year service agreements set up based on pre-agreed service volumes

Contact us

We’d love to hear from you, please contact Operations Manager Rosanna Capper with company name, your role and a contact number